Made for Artists, by Artists.

We have a diverse group of artists, makers, & creative minds humming within our walls. The Local Co.132 is a federally registered non-for profit that works to help local artists and creatives to advance their professional and creative career through education, incubation and support.


We can walk you through hosting your own artist-led event, such as a discussion about your work,

a pop up show, an exhibit. Use the button below to make a request and we’ll see what we can to accommodate.


These artists' work can be found in our shop:



  • Betsy Poling, Clay Artist & Art Educator

  • Clay Table, Potter & Art Educator

  • Dick Lehman, Clay Artist

  • Eric Strader, Potter

  • Jennifer Beachy Pottery, Potter

  • Justin Rothshank, Clay Artist

  • Sadie Misiuk, Ceramicist

  • Sarah Thompson, Ceramics


  • Grant Longenbaugh, Photographer

  • Kevin Gross, Mathematic Design

  • Baxtor Orr, Painter & Graphic Design

  • Rafael Barahona, Graphic Designer


  • Barbara Colford, Author

  • Betsey Long, Singer/Songwriter

  • Karen Gruntman, Illustrator


  • Debra Stotts, Cement Sculpture

  • Joshua Cooper, Folk Artist

  • Phoebe Brubaker, Floral Design

  • Sunday Mahaja, Metal Sculpture


  • Amy Worsham, Letterpress Printer

  • Ida Short, Fine Artist

  • Woodrow Thompson III, Printmaker


  • Ashley Swartzendruber, Fiber Artist

  • Brad Neidhamer, Wood Work

  • Chuck Long, Stained Glass

  • Fallen Tree Goods, Wood Work

  • Hedge House Furniture, Wood Work

  • Patrick Dillon, Wood Work

  • Viki Graber, Basket Weaver


  • Anna Vasquez, Watercolor Illustrator

  • Brian Matthew Whirledge, Iconographer & Art Educator

  • Hannah Lehman, Watercolor Illustrator

  • Ida Short, Fine Artist

  • Kathy Stiffney, Painter

  • Leah Borden, Fine Artist

  • Lois Nafziger, Fractur

  • Mark Daniels, Painter

  • Mildred Orama, Painter

  • Thomas Zuber, Painter & Art Educator

  • V. Rajagopalan, Painter


  • Alisha Merrick, Jewelry

  • Caitlin Lanctot, Jewelry

  • Gail Janssen, Fiber Artist

  • Ivy Petra, Fiber Artist

  • Janus Motorcycles, Apparel

  • Michele Fanfair-Steury, Fashion & Jewelry

  • Moon + Flower, Jewelry

  • The Curry Kid, Infant Footwear


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