Guiding Principles & Vision


for artists by artists:

Every staff and board member is an artist. It is important that our programming remain relevant and speak to the needs of other artists within the community.

Artists are an asset to every community:

We strive to find and activate strong partnerships between artists and community around every corner.

the more the merrier:

Our programming is built to benefit as many artists as possible. By freely sharing our knowledge in a cooperative, not competitive atmosphere, our goal is to meet and serve artists where they are in their career. 

defining "artist":

We believe that a creative capacity lies is everyone and there are many ways to be an artist, while also recognizing that success is measured differently for different artists be it financial success, widened exposure, social change, community support, etc.

be our guest:

We hope that all feel welcome when walking in our doors. We strive to create an environment to give you our best.